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London the capital of England is one of the most travelled cities in the world. The Heathrow International airport is the busiest airport not only in the country but the whole world. This is because of the influx of visitors to this great capital of England. One of the things travellers look out for when they come is the best traditional pub restaurant food. However many aventure out into more rural England to visit Oxfordshire or Worcetsershire and a surprising amount of high quality resturants can be found outside of the capital. Worcetshire has enough fantastic public places or restaurants of different types and sizes. Especialy the norvern half. Vising the many great pubs in the area north of Worcester like Cutnall Green has become quite a thing. All the parts of the city of Worcester and Droitwich Spa have great public eating houses. Here are some of the best restaurants in Worcestershire for both local and international travellers. There are several good restaurants we only analyse few of them here. 

Extra information about restaurants in Worcestershire

The Crown Inn

One of the best restaurants in the city of Worcester is the Crown Inn. Different types of traditional dishes are served here such as the locally brewed ale and sausages. There are hardly any other restaurants that would beat them in these. This is very popular because of its close proximity to the Cripplegate park. This restaurant has been there for a long time and it has been serving local and foreign travellers for many years. Apart from the traditional foods that are served here, they also serve the famous beer. This is a very good joint for all categories of travellers.

The Doverdale Arms Restaurant

Another good traditional restaurant in Droitwich Spa includes the Doverdale Arms. One of the things that travellers to in Droitwich Spa must know is that it is a very well priced city. This means that even the foods that are served in their restaurants are also well priced. However, it is only at the Doverdale Arms that one could get the best local foods at cheaper prices. They serve different types of locally prepared ales. This is a regular visit for those who are in the UK on a budget.

The Gardeners Arms

One of the oldest pub restaurants in Droitwich Spa is the Gardeners Arms. This has been around since centuries and it is known to serve many travellers who are on their way to Droitwich Spa from other parts of the country. Today, this restaurant does not only serve the thirsty travellers as it was done in the olden days, lots of people are coming here to have the bite of traditional English delicacies. The restaurants have remained friendly to most travellers and that is a tradition it has maintained to present day.

Castle Hotel

Another high quality public restaurant in the heart of droitwich spa is the Castle Hotel. This is a very popular pub because it is located very close to the famous Lido Park in Droitwich Spa. This restaurant is always visited by students and international tourists. The pub is popular because some of the delicacies served here are cheap. There are lots of drinks and entertainment which keep guests busy anytime they come. It is a good place not only to eat the traditional English food it is good for relaxation and entertainment. These are some of the best restaurants in droitwich spa there are several others located in different parts of the city.